Every time a product is sold, we plant a tree!

The Retro Clothing Line was founded as a solution to ending fast fashion, which is damaging our planet. With this initiative in mind, we have started to look at ways in which we can do even better and give back to Mother Earth! Our first change was to sustainable FSC approved packaging, and now, we are planting trees! For every item we sell, we will donate to a charity to plant a tree. We will be backtracking to the launch of our business and planting a tree for every piece we have sold; our starting donation is 477 trees (soon to be added to our counter!).

We, like many Gen Z’s, have the heaviness of the climate crisis on our shoulders. It is important to remember that just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, to have a fighting chance we need systematic change! The biggest industry polluters include meat and dairy, fossil fuel, and textile industries. Here at TRCL, we are obsessed with fashion and if we can make an impact on one of the biggest polluting and exploitative industries, that is what we are going to do! To learn more about the exploitative nature of the textile industry check out Labour Behind The Label.

We understand the importance of planting trees and how it is imperative in our fight for the climate. Our aim is to get people to boycott fast fashion and provide them with an eco-friendly alternative whilst contributing to replant the planet.

We have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant our trees. They are a non-profit environmental charity on a mission to reforest our earth. They plant in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and The Pacific. We have chosen a charity that plants around the world because we are aware that those who contribute the least will be affected the most, particularly in the countries close to the equator. Click here to learn more about One Tree Planted.

Thank you for choosing to shop with the TRCL and helping us on our mission to create positive change in fashion. We are always looking for ways we can reduce waste, prevent people from purchasing fast fashion and improve our communities. If you have any ideas, give us an email! We’d love to hear them.