All About the owners of TheRetroClothingLine

After we went vegan nearly four years ago, we both grew a large interest in educating ourselves on ways to reduce our carbon footprint and make a difference in the fight to save the environment. We have become very aware of fast fashion over the past couple years and have come to realise it is not something we want to contribute to any longer. At the time this was very hard to accept as we both loved fashion and shopping. 

How we decided to make a difference: We started going to charity shops a lot. which we would manage to pick up the odd bit from! We started selling some of the things we'd found so other people could start to reduce the amount they were contributing to fast fashion. We managed to grow quite a large following which made it become more like a job then a hobby. As more & more people were liking our clothes we would be down to the post office every couple days. We became to really enjoy it. It was like having our own shop in a way!

After selling our clothes second hand for the past couple years. We decided we wanted to do it on a larger scale and create something bigger. We had grown such a love for Fashion and Vintage clothing but out love for the environment & sustainability had also grown, which then led us to want to make a larger impact. So we decided to start our own business Theretroclothingline.

Here at Theretroclothingline we sell high quality retro & vintage fashion items at affordable prices. Here's to making fashion sustainable and supporting the Circular Economy! 

For all enquiries, please contact us via email: or phone number: 07788778814