Just because it's expensive, doesn't mean that it's not fast fashion


When people say fast fashion, the obvious brands that come to mind are PLT, Boohoo and I Saw It First etc. But other brands that should be at the forefront of your mind might not be. Its not just greenwashing that companies use to hide from the term fast fashion, they also up the price. In this blog we’ll explore those companies hiding behind higher prices and those which you should be trying your best to avoid.

It may be confusing to distinguish companies that should be categorised under the fast fashion umbrella. The definition is; inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends. But are the items always inexpensive? Breaking our own stereotypes of the term is important because companies are exploiting them. If anyone asked what my definition is, it would pretty much be the same thing; cheap, poor quality clothes made in response to fast changing trends, made in poor conditions that exploit their workers. I believe that the fast fashion term should include any mainstream fashion company that does not communicate sufficient information about working conditions, materials and environmental policies. We should do the best we can to avoid such companies.

Like many others, I follow influencers online. A lot of them, work with fast fashion companies on a regular basis. I clearly remember one influencer talking about trying to avoid fast fashion whilst simultaneously collaborating with a fast fashion brand to bring out her own line. Now this company she was collaborating with wasn’t obviously fast fashion. But indeed it is fast fashion. So how could this company avoid the fast fashion label? Well, It didn’t promote ridiculous sales constantly, the prices were higher and the website wasn’t overflowing with clothes.

Just like Pretty Little Thing; Zara, Motel and I Am Gia are all fast fashion. These companies all charge more on average then their other online competitors but they all respond to fast pace trend, are extremely secretive about their supply chains, working conditions and environmental policies.


It’s important to remember that giving up on fast fashion can be a lot more difficult for some people, however we should all be doing our best to look elsewhere first. Get the dress second hand, go to charity shops or just buy less. Don’t get sucked into fast fashion trends. It’s clear that we can’t trust large corporations because it’s always profit over people and the planet.