How are fast fashion brands harming me?

How are fast fashion brands harming me as an individual? 

1. For some people the air quality is diminished due to the mass production of the garments and the fuel used to get the garments to their destination. 

2. Fast fashion isn't actually as cheap as it seems. Due to the quality of the item you may only be able to get a few wears out of the item before its no longer in a wearable condition. This then causes you to purchase another pair and before you know it your in a vicious cycle of killing the environment and your bank account.

3. Have you never thought about the long term effect that wearing these clothes made from synthetic materials and garments that are covered in chemicals is having on your body and skin? 

4. Fast fashion brands are at the core of having cancer causing and hazardous chemicals in their clothing. If you think about where the item your wearing has come from the process its been through before ending up in your wardrobe, the conditions it was probably made in and then you're putting that on your bare skin. 

5. Fast fashion brands are effecting you as an individual because they are literally poisoning the planet you live on and all the people around you that are supporting them.