Fast fashion & its toxic traits


In an effort to match customer demand, "Fast fashion" was born. The saying Fast fashion came about in fashion retail as a way of describing the quick turnover of clothing that move from the catwalk to current fashion trends and then slowly disregarded. The term came about in the early 2000's. 

Fast fashion has many toxic traits, fast fashion as a whole is so toxic to our environment. The world now consumers 80 billion pieces of clothing every year due to fast fashion. This has gone up 400% from what it was at 2 decades ago. Imagine what it could be at in 2 more decades time!

One of fast fashions biggest toxic trait is how selfish it is. 1 in 6 people around the world work in the fast fashion industry. They will be payed less than $3 an hour. Currently there are 60-70 billion garment workers around the world. A whopping 75% of them are women earning a salary of up to $3 an hour. Fast fashion is selfish because its making some people very rich for the wrong reasons. For example; Stefan Persson the owner of H&M is Sitting on a comfortable net worth of 20.2billion, whilst paying his workers are much as $3 an hour. 

Fast fashion has given society a different expectation when buying clothes. Its quick, easy & Cheap! The price of fast fashion clothing has dropped a significant amount over the last 20 years & because of this we have 5 times the amount of clothing our grandparents would have had. The reality of this situation is to be producing so many clothes in such a short space of time. Someone, somewhere is paying the price. This causes major issues for our health, planet & Garment workers. 

Fast fashion has made wearing an item of clothing more than 5 times seem a challenge. This is because the quality of garments is decreasing every year, by the time we've worn one item 5 times it already looks faded & worn out. The constant change in trends is meaning 80 billion garments are being produced every year! The want to desperately keep up with the different trends is meaning only 20-30% of clothing in most of our closets is being worn. 

The reality is this is fast fashion. A constant mass-production of cheap, world destroying clothing. Hundreds of new collections every year, making us feel out of date & persuading us to keep coming back for me!