Does fast fashion have a social impact?

The social impact fast fashion is having.

1. Fast fashion brands factories have all kinds of dangerous working conditions, they can be things such as, accidents, factory fires, collapses which can be very dangerous to the factory workers. In 2013 there was a collapse of the factory and this killed more then 1100 factory workers.

2. The fast fashion industry hires 40-76 million people and 80% of them are young women

3. The factory workers normally face terrible working conditions and abuse. 

4. 97% of the garments for fast fashion brands are produced overseas in countries that are under developed. This is because they normally have poor human rights protections and poor labour laws for their workers. 

5. There has ben evidence of forced labour and child labour employees by the fast fashion industry in under developed countries. 

6. Fast fashion factory workers in third world countries such as South Asia are making a wage so low its unlivable.