Charity Shops Full of Fast Fashion


Ever thought that in years to come, charity shops will be full of fast fashion items? Who will these items end up going home with, the whole point of fast fashion is to make them so cheap, they don’t last. With millions of unsold charity shop garments being shipped abroad, where does it all end up?

If you’re like me, you love a good charity shop haul, but the daunted clothing labels of Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo and Motel are all too familiar. On one trip to a local charity shop, one of their employees asked if I wanted to see some stock that hadn’t been put out yet. Obviously, this was the best question this man could ever ask me. Hell yes I wanted to see that stock. I walked into the back and there were rows upon rows of fast fashion, all unworn, with their labels on. I had walked into hell.

It's important to note that fast fashion is normally a more affordable option for many people and sometimes is the easiest and most convenient for plus sizes. With fast fashion responding to quick trends, the lifecycle is pretty short. As quickly as they are bought, they are soon disregarded and that see-through, poorly fitted dress ends up sitting on a charity shop floor.

There are plenty of clothes in circulation that are decades old, with plenty of decades left in them. We need to priorities 2nd hand and repurposed clothing. It’s great that fast fashion is potentially getting a second life but clothing from decades before are outliving fast fashion because the quality is so much better.


Ultimately we need to break this fast fashion addiction. For the planet and the garment workers. Fast fashion doesn’t sit long in our closets which begs the question, where will our fast fashion items end up?