Can fast fashion be recycled?

Can fast fashion items be recycled? 

1. Unfortunately fast fashion can not be recycled. The materials used are unable to be recycled, this is because most fast fashion items are made up of multiple synthetic materials. 

2. Only 1% of clothing waste is actually recycled. 

3. Recycling clothing materials means breaking down the fabrics to their base fibres but the reality of this is impossible. 

4. You could re purpose or use the waste materials for other things like building. This is only a very small percentage and the majority of it is thrown in to landfill or burnt which isn't good either as that just gives of carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide gases in to the air. 

5. A lot of the fabric waste is pushed to third world countries. Third world countries tend to buy a lot of the unwanted clothing. This is also an issue because most of the clothing that end up at third world countries go to landfill and its worse because these countries don't have the facility's and knowledge to manage and store all of the waste. This then increases health issues and and environmental issues.