5 ways to recycle your old clothes

5 ways you can recycle your old clothing:

1. Donate your clothing, this could be to either to charity shops or clothing banks. There is lots of people who can't afford new clothing and I'm sure would love to take some of your old clothing off your hands! 

2. Repurpose your old clothing, this could be using it as rags to clean around the house. Turning it in to another item of clothing, you could turn a pair of jeans in to a new bag or you could repurpose some old t-shirts and make a new top.

3. Give them to animal shelters, they can use old clothes and towels for the animals. This could be things like, cleaning, making beds or blankets for the animals. 

4. Clothing swaps with your friends and family. Get your friends and family to bring some old clothes they no longer want or wear. Have some drinks and make a fun evening of it. That way you all get a new wardrobe without having to spend more money or send your old clothing to landfill.

5. Resell your old clothes, if you don't want to give them away and they are still in good condition. why not sell them? That way you give them a new home and you can make back a bit of the money you spent on them.