5 sustainable fashion tips

5 simple steps you can take to have a more sustainable wardrobe:

1. Invest in clothing you can wear all year round i.e basics, plain t-shirts, plain sweatshirts, black or blue jeans, things you can style in many different ways, whatever the weather. 

2.  Before buying something new, think about how many times you could wear that item or if it's something you see yourself wearing in a years time. If the answers no then is it a necessary purchase?  

3. When buying new clothes, choose Quality over quantity. Buying one slightly more expensive t-shirt or sweatshirt that will last you a lot longer is a better decision then buying 3 cheaper items of half the quality that will only last you a couple of months and then you will need to re purchase. 

4. Think about the prices you are paying. If you are purchasing items with a price tag of £5 think about how much the people making it will be receiving. Although you may have to pay a bit more then you'd normally like to for the item, think about the whole supply chain and if they are being treated fairly. 

5. Don't throw away your old clothing. Maybe you no longer want them but I'm sure plenty of other people would be happy with them. Donate your old clothes, repurpose them or even gift them to your friends or family!